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When a tooth has a "cavity" it means that some of the tooth structure has been made soft by acid producing bacteria on the tooth. If this occurs, the tooth structure that is soft must be removed leaving a "cavity." This hole is filled up with restorative material. Most of these areas are encouraged to be filled with a tooth colored material called composite. This material is long lasting, along with being very natural looking. There is often a possibility of having the option of placing porcelain or gold in these cavities, providing an even longer lasting restoration. This are called inlays. Traditional silver fillings (amalgams) are still requested from some patients. Dr. Perkins enjoys providing all of these services to his patients.


Everyone wants their smile to look as great as possible. We at Art City Dental understand that and work very hard to make sure that you are more than satisfied with the way your teeth look. We have many ways to accomplish whatever you have in mind.

All porcelain crowns (no metal) are a great way to get the look you are wanting. They fit snugly over your existing tooth that has been repaired making your smile complete once more. Depending on where the crown is needed, we can use a special machine called a CEREC to quickly make your crown. Instead of wearing a temporary crown until your new one is made at the dental lab, (about 2 weeks), we make these crowns in house and the wait is considerably less. We can often make the crown in less than three days.

Another item we use in keeping your smile beautiful is tooth shaping. Many times patients have a small chip or misshapen part to a tooth. We can shape your tooth to look great.

Tooth Whitening is one of the easiest ways to change your smile. At Art City Dental, we now have two options to accomplish bright smiles:

  1. A quick, 30 minute in-office visit where we can boost your whitening 'on the spot'!
  2. Our whitening for life program. You can receive whitening for your entire life! Ask for details.


We have two options in our office for sedation. The most popular choice is Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas. Many of our patient love that we have it as an option and choose to receive it every time.

The other option is IV sedation. We have a special Dr. called a Dental Anesthetist who will come to our office on the day of your appointment. He will administer some medicine that will help you relax and sleep through your appointment so Dr. Perkins can take care of all your dental needs at the same time. Sedation Dentistry is a safe and effective alternative for patients who are nervous or afraid, patients who have a hard time getting numb or have a large treatment plan resulting in several appointments. Sedation works very well for children. Many times they are too young to stay still and cooperative for the entire appointment and it is so important that their dental experience be positive. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions and calm any fears you might have.


The anticipation of a dental visit can cause anxiety in patients of all ages but especially in children. Art City Dental is a family-oriented practice, encouraging children to have a very comfortable and happy experience.

There is the occasion when children will have several areas that need treatment or they are a little more anxious for their appointment. We provide "sedation dentistry" for these cases. This is where a dental anesthesiologist comes to our office and sedates the child. Dr. Perkins then performs the needed treatment while the child is "asleep". Sedation helps to make the visit very productive as well as being a happy visit for the child. As an added benefit, with a patient who maybe uncooperative or unhappy at times, when they are sedated we have the ability to deliver a higher quality of care. As a side note, in office sedation typically is less costly than hospital or surgical center based sedation.

We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in each of our operatories and televisions for the kids to enjoy each and every appointment.


Occasionally a tooth can be destroyed by bacteria or trauma to the point it is not saveable. Tooth removal (extraction) is categorized as oral surgery. We provide extraction service at Art City Dental, ranging from simple extractions to surgical extractions, including most wisdom teeth. Other oral surgery services we provide include alveoplasty (jaw bone recontouring) and frenectomy (tissue surgery).

Implants are also classified as oral surgery. For more information about this exciting option check out implants.


Tooth pain can be a serious detriment to your functioning in life. Often this comes from a condition of the tooth known as pulpitis, which leads to the death of the tooth. After a tooth "dies" it is prone to infections called an abscess. Both of these conditions are treated by root canal procedures (endodontics). At Art City Dental, Dr. Perkins commits many of continuing education hours keeping advanced in endodontic treatment, in order to provide both relief from pain and long term success in root canal treatment.


When a tooth is structurally broken down beyond the point of being able to be restored with cairside "filling" material, it is in need of a crown (some people refer to these as caps). Broken teeth, as well as decayed teeth may fit into this criteria. Another situation almost always requiring a crown is when a tooth has had a root canal. If a tooth has been lost the choices for replacing that space may include an implant with a crown, or bridge work. Dr. Perkins takes pride in the crown and bridge work he is able to provide for patients. We offer different types of crown options: porcelain (tooth colored) crowns and gold crowns. Many of our porcelain crowns are made in our office. This is accomplished with a computerized machine called a Cerec unit and allows us to control the date that the permanent crown is completed.


In our office we have experienced and expert hygienists who do excellent work. With regular cleaning appointments they can keep your teeth in top shape. But they aren’t just worried about your teeth. They will also do an oral cancer screening. We feel this is very important and many times can be treated if caught early enough. Fluorides, sealants, and special mouth rinses are available to stop cavities, and other diseases before they start. We focus heavily on prevention as it is always the best medicine. We have state of the art digital x-ray machines in each room as well as a panoramic machine that we use to help diagnose many things. We also utilize an early cavity detection device called a Spectra camera to prevent small problem areas from becoming large problems in the future.

Intraoral cameras help us relay the information to the patient, making each situation clear and understandable.

We use a recall system in our office so that you always know when your next dental check-up and cleaning appointment is. Regular check-ups and cleanings are the best prevention tool. They make sure that we get a good look at your teeth regularly to stop anything that might have started before it becomes a problem so that your teeth always look and feel their best.


if a tooth is lost or missing, an implant is a way to permanently replace the tooth. Dr Perkins has been extensively trained and loves the freedom that having an implant gives you. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, to hold a denture or partial denture in place and even bridges. They have become virtually painless and simple.